Choice Medical Systems is one of the leading DIAGNOSTIC ULTRASOUND companies in the country, offering PRE-OWNED RECONDITIONED ULTRASOUND EQUIPMENT, a complete line of ULTRASOUND supplies, and a variety of financial packages to meet every physician's needs. Our reputation is your guarantee.

Increasingly, physicians are performing ultrasound examinations with their own equipment, and at little additional expense. There are many reasons why this could make sense for you, too. For example, did you know...................

  • that ultrasound is one of the least expensive imaging modalities, and it provides excellent reimbursement?

  • that ultrasound procedures can be performed in your office easily and inexpensively without disrupting your day? Many ultrasound technologists work on a per diem basis and will schedule with you at your own convenience. Ultrasound examinations may be recorded on hardcopy or videotape for after-hour reviewing.

  • that many different diseases are diagnosable by ultrasound, and that this tool will assist in your overall patient evaluation?

  • that you can cost effectively purchase, lease, or rent refurbished ultrasound equipment, and be performing ultrasound examinations in your office within days?

Discover a means of adding greater ease and convenience of care you provide to your patients, while significantly enhancing your revenue structure.

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